Candidate Qualifications

Conditions to run for the Council of Representatives Elections

  • The candidate should be a Bahraini national that has acquired the Bahraini nationality for a period not less than ten years, and does not acquire any other nationality with the exception of the nationality of any of the Gulf Co-operation Council countries, provided that his original nationality shall be the Bahraini nationality, and that he is enjoying full civil and political rights.
  • The candidate’s name must be on the votes’ schedules for the constituency the nominee represents.
  • The candidate’s age must not be less than 30 years on the day of elections. This should be verified by a birth certificate or an identity card.
  • The candidate should be able to read and write in Arabic. If the candidate obtains an academic qualification that proves passing a certain school grade, this should be considered as evidence that he can write and read, and it is permissible that in case no academic certificate is available, the candidate is asked to write to verify the fulfillment of this condition.
  • The candidate must not have been removed from a position on the Shura Council or the Council of Representatives by the order of the body he was a member of due to loss of trust or credibility or due to negligence of his duties as a member. However, the person who was removed can nominate himself if the legislative term during which he was removed ends or if the council he was a member of issues a cancellation of the cause of the candidate’s removal only after the end of the session of the council during which the removal was passed.
  • The candidate's membership in the Council of Representatives shouldn't be ended due to resignation during the legislative term in which he resigned.
  • He should not be sentenced to a felony, even if a special amnesty is granted or rehabilitated.
  • He should not be sentenced to imprisonment for intentional offenses for more than six months, even if a special amnesty is granted for him.
  • He should not be one of the leaders and members of the actual political societies dissolved by a final judgment for committing a serious violation of the provisions of the Kingdom's constitution or any of its laws.
  • Should he not intend to harm or disrupt the constitutional or parliamentary life by terminating or leaving the parliamentary work in the Council or his membership has been dropped for the same reasons.
  • He may be sentenced to conviction No. 32 of 2010 on disclosure of financial disclosure, unless he is rehabilitated.
  • The application form must be accompanied by a receipt for a cash deposit of BD200 from the treasury of the Ministry of Justice Islamic Affairs and Endowments.