Candidate Qualifications

Conditions to run for the Municipal Councils Elections

  • The candidate should be a Bahraini.
  • The candidate’s age must not be less than 30 years on the day of elections.
  • The candidate should be able to read and write in Arabic. If the candidate obtains an academic qualification that proves passing a certain school grade, this should be considered as evidence that he can write and read, and it is permissible that in case no academic certificate is available, the candidate is asked to write to verify the fulfillment of this condition.
  • The candidate should be enjoying full civil and political rights.
  • He shall not be convicted under the Law No. (32) for the year 2010 regarding disclosure of financial liability, unless he is rehabilitated.
  • The candidate’s name must be listed in the voters’ schedule for the constituency the nominee represents.
  • The candidate should have paid the municipal fees if he legally subject for them, and attach to the candidacy application whatever proves this.
  • The application should be supported by the recommendation of ten voters from the constituency the nominee represents. No voter can recommend more than one candidate.
  • The application form must be accompanied by a receipt for a cash deposit of BD50 from the treasury of the Municipality.