Candidate Rights

The candidate running for the Parliamentary Elections have the right to the following:

  • To obtain 1 official copy of the voters’ schedule in his constituency.
  • To obtain a statement from the Committee providing the acceptance of his candidacy in order that he present it to his employer – if he was an employee – so that he is granted a leave without pay if he does not have enough leave in due, and the leave will start from the day after the closing of Nominations up to the end of the elections process, and the person is not Allowed during this period to practice any activity related to his general Occupation.
  • To appoint a person registered in the voters’ schedule of his constituency as an agent to represent him with the sub-committee. The candidate forwards the name of his representative (agent) to the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs at least 7 days before the day of the elections. For this, the candidate should use a form prepared for this purpose.
  • To carry out an elections campaign according to the rules stipulated in the Law of the Shura and Representatives Councils and the decisions issued to this effect.
  • To withdraw his nomination by informing the Committee in writing at least 10 days before the Election Day. The Committee should verify the identity of the withdrawing candidate, and confirm this in front of his name in the candidates list of his constituency. This decision will also be announced on the day of elections at the door of the polling station of his constituency. The withdrawal will also be published by the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs in any of the local media at least 3 days before the day of the election.
  • To enter by himself or his agent, approved by the Ballot and Counting Committee, to the polling station during ballot and to observe the process of counting but not the deliberations of the Committee.
  • To contest in the Cassation Court the results of the elections in his constituency within 15 days from the