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Voters urged to benefit from the general polling centres

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The 2018 Elections Executive Committee urged voters to benefit from the 14 general polling centres across Bahrain in casting their ballots in the run-off parliamentary and municipal polls.

Voters are not required to live at the same location of the general polling centres which have been set up in the four governorates. Thus, voters have the option of casting their ballots at the sub-polling stations in their respective constituencies or at one of the general centres nationwide.

The general election centres and sub-polling stations will open on Saturday, the 1st of December 2018, from 8 am to 8 pm. 

Here are the locations of the 14 general polling centres:
 1.  Seef Mall
2.  Religious Institute
3.  Sitra Mall
4.  Hidd Intermediate Girls School
5.  Bahrain International Airport
6.  King Fahd Causeway.
7.  Hamad Town Secondary Boys’ School
8.  Education Ministry’s Hall.
9.  Wadi Al-Seel Primary Intermediate Boys’ School
10.  Awali Club
11.  Bahrain International Circuit (Sakhir)
12.  Askar Primary Intermediate Boys’ School
13.  University of Bahrain.
14.  Muharraq Sport Club

Voters can locate the general polling centres through the website of the parliamentary and municipal elections or the Global Positioning System (GPS).